How to Launch Like a PRO: ASK Method Analysis

As promised the full detailed method to launch your course:

Today I'm analyzing the launch for the ASK Method by Ryan Levesque and how you can apply it... you know as he's making $10M a year doing this!

I'm focusing on 3 elements on the launch:

The Pre-lauch: Ryan did an outstanding job with the pre-launch videos for the launch. These are very well produced and composed of the most important elements: deliver value, reciprocity, sense of community, authority,... and much more!

The second element is the email campaign: Ryan sent over 30 emails in the span of the 15 days of the launch (pre-launch + launch). You may think this is a lot but if your year's revenue depend on these 15 days, you would do the same! Especially the last day where Ryan sent 5 emails. Don't hesitate to do the same and remind people this is their last chance as you close the registrations.

These email have a great, simple structure, to the point, easily readable with bolder parts. With the logo at the top and usually 1 other graphic to make it more digestible.

And don't forget to switch things up with your email campaign: content, sender's name, message,...

Lastly the retargeting ads: You'd be crazy not to put a little bit of budget into retargeting ads for your online course launch.

I give 3 examples of retargeting ads: Testimonial ads, Cart abandonment ads, Scarcity ads

Very specific but for the people that went all the way to your shopping cart, these are very hot leads. This can be a great moment to ad scarcity because obviously they are convinced in some way since they went so far down the funnel

To sum up the Ask launch has very good prelaunch sequence and has everything down to the details. This requires a lot of work but is well worth it especially if you are going to follow this model and only open the doors for a week.

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