How Can You STILL Sell Courses in 2019

So there are a lot of products out there. It's getting harder to cut through the noise especially when selling something like online courses.

So how do you do it?

Well to start with you. You are "special". You have your own vibe, your own way of teaching. So some people will naturally flock to you. Even if you're not the ultimate expert! There's always space in the market. If you don't try to do like someone else.

Have you message be clear and avoid paralysis by analysis led by ambiguity. There is a scientific reason why this is happening. It’s sidestepping the logical part of the brain and talking directly to their emotions.
In the book Switch, the author says that analysis paralysis doesn’t only come from too many options but also from ambiguity.
This is why you see these slogans in politics be very simple “Yes we can” or “Make America Great Again”. These are very easy and simple to understand by the “mass”. I’m not saying you should be too simplistic but simple enough.

There is something called the long tail phenomenon which is an idea first brought by chris anderson in an article, it was later a book:
It says that most of the “The biggest money is in the smallest sales”. And most of these are hidden in the long tail. The left part are the “hits” for you that might be the top competitors in your industry. But just as much money can be made outside of the fat end of the tail.

Being different could just be having a different marketing angle.
A really good one to have is to get closer to the money.
That way you can sell your services and online courses a lot better since your teaching can have a direct impact on revenues.

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