Course Cycle™ For Experts

Launch & Scale Your Online Course

With Joey Mazars

Course Cycle™ For Experts

Launch & Scale Your Online Course

With Joey Mazars

They were wrong.

You've heard them say that you could just make "passive income" by simply putting together an online course, publish... and wait for the money to roll in.

Well if you have already done that (or did not even get there yet!) you quickly realize it isn't that easy...

Ever noticed how some other experts seem to be successful and make money with their online courses or other digital products?

Every-time they put something out it's an instant success…

And it’s not about the size of their audience or anything.

Well there is a specific process that make online courses sell.

I nerd out on this stuff and became pretty good at it, to allow my clients to let me handle that part and focus on what they do best: teach.

 - Joey Mazars

People WHO have trusted my expertise for their online courses

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If this is something you'd like to talk about, then it's time to schedule a chat together.

On the next page you'll have a few questions about your business, where you're at, and your goals for your online course.

Then pick a time in my calendar and we'll talk.

After that, if this is a good fit, we can get to work!

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THE COURSE CYCLE™ 1:1 SERVICE ("Done with You")

This is a custom-tailored, 8-12 weeks program composed of 4 pillars. It's meant to take you through the right steps wherever you are in the life-cycle of your course:

- If you don't have a course yet.

- If you already have a course but haven't sold many of it.

- If you already launched the course and are ready to take it to the next level.






  • I don't do retainers: this is a time-framed, result driven project.
  • If you have a very small audience, this may not be the best solution (still worth to chat probably)
  • If you are not an expert or don't have an expertise, I can't help you sell courses.
  • I stand against unethical marketing and manipulative tricks.
  • I'm a big nerd of this stuff...



 I hate marketing and I don't want to seem "salesy" to my audience

How do I know I'll get results and an ROI?

This sounds like a lot of efforts. How much work will I have to do?

Can I see how you've helped other clients before?

I have a small audience, will this work for me?

I've seen similar program before (or have been harassed by people selling the same kind of service) How is this different?

Who are you anyway?

I need more details on your method, where can I find that?